How Social Media was taken beyond online

How Social Media was taken beyond online and integrated with an offline event for enhanced results:


Behind the Scenes of a nailbiting illustrator!

There’s a lot that goes behind the scenes for generating one perfect image. Since we don’t share how much goes behind, we thought it’s worth a glimpse to let you comprehend why we take few little days to do one little work.

Here’s something we asked our illustrator, Arundhati Dey, to say about her way of doodling and guess what, she went clueless what to talk about. So whatever she said below is almost to fill in the gap. 🙂

“While illustrating, I really don’t think much…  I listen to music and random thoughts comes in my mind, that’s it. Whatever comes, I sketch them quickly as you never know what all can inspire you.. “

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Come, let’s discuss it on Facebook.

online opinion makersToday’s opinion maker would rather say it on Facebook and not on Face. Be it the latest fresh out of the oven RaGa-AG interview or the Delhi Elections that ruled the country for quite some time, today’s opinion maker is off from the stages and on social media. They are well-educated, respected and people of all ages who summarize their outlook on subjects via a Facebook post or a 140 character tweet. They present their intentions, their thoughts, their takes on the subjects and even their expectations from a given situation, all via virtual conversations.

Facebook Comments are the new age replacement to evening discussions over a cup of hot tea out on a tea stall and the Likes are those minor nods people used to give while being part of a heated discussion. And don’t consider them just a comment or mere an opinion. They hold the power of having them arrested for offending a group of people and even being published as headlines of tomorrow’s leading newspaper.

This virtual world of opinion makers has some traits which also helps us draw some parallels:

– The Facebook opinion makers are cautious with their words, but are confident and little more fearless of opining on matters which they would have rather avoided blurting on face.

– They lend an ear. Since they can’t interrupt you, you have your say. And they do respond as you have been very specific by replying under something which only they have posted. This is unlike those offline discussions where we talk in general and perceive the right person to hear and understand that it was for him.

– With each Like, the acceptance of the opinion is proved while with each Comment (for or against), the interest factor of the post is revealed.

– They may not post an actual picture of the related subject but may use a funny/humorous or totally unrelated image that points at one of the aspect of the subject.

It’s similar to sliding in between ‘popular sayings or proverbs’ which match the situation in some way and gives a touch of humour to it. You like it or not, or no matter how hard you try to have your Facebook wall stay away from such opinion makers, they are here to stay.

Some of them have in fact joined the wagon of social media to replace their dwindling offline group with which they used to have their daily discussions on politics, cricket and more preferred topic ‘life’, served hot with tea and snacks.

Don’t think the tea and snacks are missing. They are still munching on it while thinking about their next Facebook post. Stay connected.


nb SOCHO Calendar 2014 – the story and credits!

nb SOCHO Calendar 2014 is one of our first brain child of the year. For the past two months, the nailbiter’s team have been working on conveying the concept of “What thinking leads to” through creative illustrations that are rendition of conceptual ideas.

What you will see is a series of funny and thoughtful drawings with words accompanying the concept behind each leaf for each month. Though you missed the fun we had behind making this calendar come alive, we still feel you will get a gist of it while you keep looking at them each month while they rest on your desks.

For the past three years, we have been designing our own version of desk calendars, trying to break the clutter created by ones that focus just on beautiful pictures and one-liners but lack concept. It’s easy to get things printed, what is difficult is to actually make them worth printing and putting brains at work.

Our first calendar, nb nostalgia 2012, expelled the nostalgia experienced majorly by Indian audience, taking many back to old memories, again in a humorous way. In 2013, we modified the same nostalgic moments and presented them in a visually enhanced manner, but made it available just digitally, sparing papers.

This year, it was a tough call to meet the standards set and the joy imparted. We are glad to have a team, where each one worked brilliantly towards making this calendar come out as one notch above our past efforts.

We are glad to give Special Credits to:

Shashwat Rawat

Shashwat Rawat: For conceptualizing nb SOCHO calendar 2014 and wording it amazingly.

Illustrator @ nailbites

Arundhati Dey: For those amazing illustrations drawn remarkably making your desks come alive.

Graphic Designer @ nailbites

Krishna Chaudhary: For repeated color corrections and every minor to major changes that lead the calendar to perfection.

Part-time Designer @ nailbites

Chandan Ray: For adding colors to each leaf extremely well, thus making sense out of everything.

We have made this calendar available to some specific people as of now.

But if you could give us one good reason behind why would you love to have it for yourself, we would see what we can do about it. 🙂

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